My name is Jennifer Adams and I am running for Madison School Board.


I am passionate about the future of this district and will work hard to build on our current successes and strive to make improvements that support our teachers and students.  I'm deeply concerned that we have lost 26% of our teachers in the last 18 months. That is 18% OVER the national average. As your board member I will work hard to retain our quality teaching staff, regularly communicate with the district, and focus on student performance.

  • Focus on our students and ensure they have an environment in which to thrive and celebrate achievements.

  • Ensure our educators have the tools needed to provide excellence in education.

  • Understand why we have lost so many educators in the last 18 months and make positive changes to retain our valued teaching staff.

  • Promote open communication with the teachers, students and community members.

  • Remove the excessive and unnecessary constraints on the public participation portion of school board meetings.

  • Ensure the community is up to speed on the districts progress as well as challenges via community forums and mail & online communication.

  • Continue to build on the heart of Mohawk Pride by bridging the gap between the public and the school system.

  • Unify the district around the common goal of student achievement.


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